Overnight Stay for Visitors

We encourage all HSUHK students who stay off-campus to utilise the Overnight Visit Scheme for academic and social needs. For example, non-residents who are trying to complete group projects, or whose home is far away from campus, can be hosted by a resident as overnight guest.

  • A host is a current resident of the Residential Colleges; 
  • A guest is a current student of HSUHK who is staying off-campus and of the same gender of the host.

To ensure safety and security, quota is in place to regulate the number of overnight visitor:

  • The maximum number of overnight visitors per night is capped at 35 in each RC, on first-come first-served basis;
  • only 1 overnight visitor is allowed per night in each room; and
  • a resident can host 1 overnight visitor per night, and 3 overnight visitors per month; same overnight visitor can stay for at most 3 nights per month across all 4 RCs.

The host may purchase a ticket for a guest through the following procedures:

  1. Download the application form.
  2. Seek permission from your Resident Tutor.
  3. Obtain consent from your roommate(s).
  4. Complete the application and submit to the RCS office (G/F of Wellness College) from seven days in advance to no later than 17:30 of the night.
  5. Pay HK$70 fee in cash. A receipt will be issued to you and your guest.
  6. Both you and your guest should bring along the receipt throughout the stay for identity verification within the Residential Colleges.
  7. Your guest is eligible to stay between 23:00 to 11:00 of the following day.

The guest is entitled to stay between 11:00pm and 11:00am of the following day.

As a responsible host, you should plan ahead to accommodate the visit of your guests. Unauthorised visit beyond visiting hours will lead to disciplinary actions, including but not limited to a penalty of 5 times of the price of an overnight visiting ticket. Here are the things you should be aware of:

  • The overnight visitor must be accompanied by corresponding host resident during the stay.
  • The overnight visitor is expected to stay in the room and RC of the host resident only and not allowed to enter the room of other residents. 
  • All rules and regulations governing the Residential Colleges and Old Hall are applicable to all overnight visitors.
  • Violation of any rules and regulations may render the host resident, overnight visitor and related students to disciplinary procedures promulgated by HSUHK. 
  • RC Masters or other authorized personnel of RC reserve the rights of revoking the overnight stay and request the visitor to leave the RC.

Download the application form