– Security service is available 24/7. 

– Residents must sign-in when entering the Residential College.

– A guest must be signed-in and accompanied by a resident and must not stay at the Residential College beyond visiting hours.

 – When a resident needs assistance, they may approach the security counter at the lobby on ground floor.

– 24-hour security hotline: 3963 5801

There is a laundry room situated on LG floor of each Residential College. The laundry room is operated 24/7, and residents can pay easily by topping up credits to their Student ID card.

Both Local Area Network (LAN) and wireless network are available at the Residential Colleges. Residents may access the Internet free of charge.

Residents should observe the Guidelines for Network Security of the University. The full manual can be obtained here (login required).

Apart from air-conditioning, other electricity consumption and water are included in room fees.

Residents are encouraged to be use energy wisely, such as switching off lights when leaving the room, and don’t let the water run while washing up or shaving.

Air-conditioner is installed in each student room, Common Rooms on each floor, as well as other communal areas.

Air-conditioning service in student rooms is on pay-as-you-use basis.

For safety reasons, interference with the air-conditioning unit is strictly prohibited.

A team of professional staff is dedicated to maintain the facilities of the Residential Colleges.

If you notice any defect in your room or within the Residential Colleges, please file a defect report at the security counter on the ground floor. Our staff will follow up as soon as possible.