Dear Evergreen residents,

The purpose of the Student Ambassador Scheme at Fung Yiu King Fung Yiu King Evergreen College is to encourage participants to contribute to the growth of the Residential College. The Student Ambassadors are expected to build up the residents’ affection for the Evergreen Residential College, enhance residents’ awareness of environmental protection and sustainable development, cultivate residents’ leadership and organisational skills, and assist the Residential College management team in organising activities. 

Ambassadors will receive 15 CS Hours or 3 iGPS units (max.) and may be invited to apply for the Residential Student Leaders Scholarship basing on their contributions to the Fung Yiu King Evergreen College. 

If you are interested in the Scheme, please complete and return the following Application Form: or before 22 August 2022 Monday)

For enquiries, please contact Dr Eden Chow at