1.1. For safety and security reason, residents shall scan their HSUHK student card to smartcard reader when they enter the shuttle lift lobby, LG/F and G/F lobbies and the laundry room of their respective RCs.

1.2. To access their assigned student rooms, residents should scan their HSUHK student cards to the door locks to enter.

1.3. Residents who lose their student cards should report to Student Affairs Office as soon as possible.

1.4. Any charges paid for loss of temporary resident card is non-refundable.

2.1. Residents should go to the value-adding machine at shuttle lift G/F lobby if they wish to top up credits to their HSUHK student accounts.

2.2. Values transferred to HSUHK student accounts are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

3.1. Residents and visitors are required to register at security counter, G/F lobby of the respective RC when they enter and leave the RC. Each resident are allowed to register 5 visitors in maximum.

3.2. No entrance of visitors is allowed starting from 11:00pm. Visitors who stay in RCs after 11:00pm shall be regarded as over-stay and should leave the RCs immediately.

3.3. Residents should communicate with their roommate(s) if they wish to invite visitors to their student rooms.

4.1. Residents should keep the floor common rooms clean after use. Unwashed utensils should not be left in the floor common rooms.

4.2. Residents should not remove any furniture or electrical appliances from floor common rooms.

4.3. Residents should not leave their personal belongings in floor common rooms.

4.4. To ensure food safety and hygiene, residents should beware of the condition of their food stored in the refrigerators and remove items expired and decayed as soon as possible.

4.5. Only reheating and simple cooking are allowed in the floor common rooms of RCs. In order not to trigger the fire safety system, residents should refrain from generating considerable amount of smoke by any means, such as cooking.

5.1. Cooking inside student rooms is strictly prohibited. Use of cookers, oven, electrical grills and induction cookers are not allowed in student rooms.

5.2. Drying should be limited to laundry rooms. Hanging of water-dripping clothes is not allowed in carpet covered area inside student rooms.

5.3. Hanging of any personal items at window blinds, window frames, pipes, conduits and any fixtures outside windows are not allowed.

5.4. In case of spillage on carpet, please use dry towel to absorb the spilled liquid gently immediately, then remove the solid debris, if any, and use a wet towel to clean the spilled area of carpet.

5.5. Residents should communicate with their roommate(s) to reach a consensus of their use of air-conditioning and the share of incurred cost.

5.6. Residents are responsible to clean and tidy up the student room. Students may register and borrow vacuum cleaner at the security counter at G/F lobby.

5.7. Residents should dispose their garbage to refuse collection area of their own Residential College.

6.1. Residents should prepare detergent for their own use.

6.2. In case of laundry facilities failures, please report to security counter of the respective Residential College at G/F lobby.

6.3. Residents should refrain from placing clothes of others on the floor or on the top of laundry machines.

7.1. Opening hours of Roof Gardens and balconies span from 9:00am to 9:00pm.

7.2. Residents should refrain from making excessive noise in Roof Gardens and balconies at any times.

7.3. No climbing or leaning against the parapets is allowed.

8.1. In case of any defects or malfunctions of facilities found in student rooms, please report to and register at the security counter at G/F lobby.

8.2. For any emergency and incidents, residents should report to the security guard at G/F lobby as soon as possible:

  • Mosaic College: 3963-5808
  • Wellness College: 3963-5809
  • Amity College: 3963-5811
  • Fung Yiu King Evergreen College: 3963-5810

9.1. Open flames, such as candles and incense burner, are not allowed in all areas.

9.2. Interference with fire safety devices is strictly prohibited. Any items interfering fire safety devices will be removed without prior notifications.

9.3. Residents are not allowed to tamper with the fire sprinklers or hang things along the pipes.

9.4. Corridors, lobbies, hallways, walkways and stairs should be kept clear of furniture and any other objects in order not to obstruct passages and escape routes for safety reason. Any items found in these areas will be removed without prior notifications.

9.5. Residents should retreat to the central concourse area outside G/F lobbies by stairs immediately upon sounding of fire alarms in order to ensure safety.

9.6. Residents are required to attend fire safety talk(s) and take part in fire drill(s).

10.1.Residents should observe the Information Security Policy of HSUHK, which can be obtained here.

10.2.Unauthorized WiFi hub or router are not allowed, unless with prior approval of Information Technology Services Center (ITSC).

11.1.Electrical appliances and devices of larger than 1500 Watts are not allowed to be brought into or used in the Residential Colleges.

11.2. For Residential Colleges, total power supply of each student room is 6000 Watts. If the sum of electrical current drawn from all sockets within the student room exceeds 30A, power supply will be overloaded, resulting in suspension of electricity supply to the concerned student room.

11.3.All electrical appliances and devices brought into the Residential Colleges shall comply with the Electrical Products (Safety) Regulation defined by government ordinance of HKSAR, which can be obtained here.

11.4. Student Affair Office may require residents to remove any furniture or items that are not allowed in Residential Colleges, or any items that may endanger others.

It is recommended that Residents park their bicycles at bicycle parking lot of the Residential Colleges or outside Block B in Main Campus.

13.1.Residents should not use any items to decorate the rooms that may cause damage to the walls/doors.

13.2.Before moving-out, residents should clean up and restore their student room to the original setting and condition of room to which they at first moved in. Otherwise, a cleaning charge will be imposed to concerned residents.